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Womb Detox

  • 45 minutes
  • 60 US dollars
  • Douglasville|South McLean Boulevard

Service Description

***ALL SERVICES BOOKED ONLINE RECEIVE A $5 OFF DISCOUNT*** There are so many benefits from abdominal stimulation, womb detox and clay wrapping. It strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps in relieving back pain, while stimulating the blood flow to all the vital organs in the abdominal cavity, and improves their functioning. The bentonite clay (used during detox) has a very high absorption rate, and pulls out toxins unto itself, as well as chemicals, viruses, mold, and bad bacteria. It holds them captive and carries them out of the body. During this treatment hot stones will also be applied to the abdomen area and naval oiling will be done. ***Aromatherapy is used in all services...towels & gowns are infused with essential oils*** Benefits include: *EASING ABDOMINAL CRAMPS *RELIEVING BACK PAIN *INCREASES BLOOD CIRCULATION *BOOST EGG HEALTH BY INCREASING OXYGENATED BLOOD FLOW TO THE OVARIES *MAINTAINS HORMONAL BALANCE *REMOVES USELESS TISSUES (LEFT FROM PREVIOUS MENSTRUATION AND PELVIC INJURIES) *HELPS TO RIGHTLY RE-POSITION A TILTED UTERUS *FOR PCOS, WOMB STIMULATION HELPS WITH FERTILITY BY BREAKING DOWN THE CYST *DETOXIFIES & ENCOURAGES THE LIVER TO DO ITS JOB OF DETOXIFICATION & MOPPING OUT OF EXCESS HORMONES *REDUCES CLOTTING DURING MENSTRUAL CYCLE *HELPS TO ELIMINATE BLOATING & WATER RETENTION IN THE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM AREA *RELIEVE THE UTERUS AREA FROM OLD STAGNANT BLOOD & BRINGS IN FRESH BLOOD *HELPS TO PREPARE MUSCLES FOR CHILD BIRTHING *IMPROVES DIGESTION *HELPS TO GET RID OF STRESS, DEPRESSION, & PROMOTES RELAXATION *CLEARANCE OF THE FALLOPIAN TUBE FOR UNHINDERED MOVEMENT OF EGG & SPERM Womb stimulation and Detox wrapping should not be done for the following: *If you are pregnant or think yu might be pregnant *While Menstruating *Hernia Problems *Kidney stones or Stomach ulcers

Cancellation Policy

Appointments can be scheduled online and/or by phone. If scheduled online you receive a $5 discount. All appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled within 24hrs of the appointment time (DEPOSIT/PAYMENT NON-REFUNDABLE IF CANCELED/RESCHEDULED DAY OF APPOINTMENT). Deposit/payment can be applied to rescheduled appointment but not after 24hrs cancellation. All clients are granted a 15 mins grace period. After 15 minutes, late fee charge is $15 late fee or cancellation of appointment. No call/no show (DEPOSIT/PAYMENT NONREFUNDABLE AND CANNOT BE APPLIED TO RESCHEDULED APPOINTMENT) and you will need to pay a rebooking fee of $25 plus deposit.

Contact Details

  • 1905 Riverside Pkwy, Douglasville, GA, USA


  • 235 South McLean Boulevard, Memphis, TN, USA


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