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Intimate Womb & Yoni Massage

  • 1 hour
  • 125 US dollars
  • Memphis|Atlanta

Service Description

What is vaginal massage? Vaginal massage is exactly what it sounds like: a massage that targets the area in and around your vagina. Also known as yoni massage, vaginal massage has been around for centuries, and it’s believed to have originated in Tantric philosophy. In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, the word “yoni” means womb. Within this sacred context, a woman’s womb connotes an energetic space where the source of all power and creation lives. For this reason, vaginal massage was more of a spiritual practice than an overtly sexual one. A yoni massage is a specialized technique involving your vulva, and in some cases, the inside of your vaginal canal. You may engage in vaginal massage by yourself, with the help of a partner, or a vaginal massage practitioner. We also offer customization to your liking as well. We will began with massage your body (abdominal area and other sensitive areas). It’ll allow you to relax a bit and become more receptive to a vagina massage. I will also encourage you to try certain breathing techniques or visualization exercises. Depending on your particular reasons for getting a yoni massage, we may focus only on a vulva massage and/or the inner walls of your vagina. Whether it’s to explore your sexuality or recover from physical trauma, yoni massage can do the following things: It stimulates blood flow and increases circulation, which is beneficial if you experience numbness or pain in the area during sex. Vaginal massage is known to offer some relief from the physical pain associated with childbirth. Some use vaginal massage as a treatment therapy after experiencing sexual violence or trauma. In a clinical context, vaginal massage is sometimes referred to as pelvic floor massage (PFM). PFM often serves as a remedy for myofascial pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, vulvodynia, or incontinence. Vaginal massage positively contributes to your overall health and emotional well-being, with the potential to deliver an improved sex life.

Cancellation Policy

Appointments can be scheduled online and/or by phone. If scheduled online you receive a $5 discount. All appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled within 24hrs of the appointment time (DEPOSIT/PAYMENT NON-REFUNDABLE IF CANCELED/RESCHEDULED DAY OF APPOINTMENT). Deposit/payment can be applied to rescheduled appointment but not after 24hrs cancellation. All clients are granted a 15 mins grace period. After 15 minutes, late fee charge is $15 late fee or cancellation of appointment. No call/no show (DEPOSIT/PAYMENT NONREFUNDABLE AND CANNOT BE APPLIED TO RESCHEDULED APPOINTMENT) and you will need to pay a rebooking fee of $25 plus deposit.

Contact Details

  • 235 South McLean Boulevard, Memphis, TN, USA


  • 7409 Tree Mountain Parkway, Stone Mountain, GA, USA


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