1oz or 4oz


Itching...Whether the result of dry skin, hair regrowth, friction, or susceptibility to infection, many guys cope with regular genital itching. This down below oil helps soothe and reduce itching while facilitating natural healing. Relieves Pain And Inflammation...If you’re suffering from pain, irritation, or general inflammation, these ingredients work to increase cell turnover, relieve pain, and bring down inflammation. Peppermint oil is also an added wonderful ingredient for those in search of a powerful soother.


How To Safely Use Down Below Oil? The good news is, it’s relatively simple. That said, before applying any new product to your most delicate parts, it’s important not to take the basics for granted—like how and where to use it. Consider the following tips for safe and optimal use of down below oil.

Yummy (FOR MEN) Down Below Oil