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8oz bottle


"We don't create a fantasy world to escape reality. We create it to be able to stay" - Lynda Barry


It combats common feminine issues like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, vaginal dryness, and odor without using harsh chemicals, fragrances, or colors that make your yoni irritated. Our Yoni shower gel can be used all over.


Purifies, soothes, and detoxes skin

Visibly reduces puffiness and supports a healthy looking complexion.


Balance your pH and hydrate your vulva for freshness all day long! Feeling fresh and balanced is so important. Our gel combats concerns such as odor and dryness, without using harsh chemicals, fragrances, or colors that will cause irritation. With its calming scent and soothing botanical-based ingredients like aloe, combined with powerful antibacterial essential oils like tea tree (melaleuca), this gel will keep you feeling fresh, clean, and balanced!


Product Frequently Asked Questions


Can this be used as a full face cleanser? Yes! This gel is safe for the face.


Can I use this all over my body? Absolutely! This gel works great for both your face and body.


Can I insert this in my vagina? Use the gel on your vulva, never inside!





Spirulina, chlorella, powder, rose clay, lemon balm, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E, apricot extract, aloe oil, citric acid, mint castile, orange, geranium, chamomile, lavender, and tea tree oil.


How To Use


Wet intimate area with warm water.

Rub a nickel sized amount of gel in your hands or shower gloves to create lather.

Massage lather on the external portion of your intimate area and your complete body. Do not insert lather or gel soap inside of you.

Rinse with warm water.

Inserting soap inside your vaginal can cause irritation. Rinse yoni thoroughly with water after using our handcrafted soap.

Yoni Yum Yoni Shower Gel

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