8oz glass pump bottle

Yemaya, a profoundly powerful orisha, may be petitioned for:

• Anything possibly considered a “woman’s issue”

• Fertility and reproductive issues

• Protection from domestic violence, which she despises

• Protection when traveling over the sea

Yemaya generously bestows abundance, wealth, healing, love, and fertility, but she is also the essence of tidal waves and rip currents.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, strawberry oil, clary Sage, lavender, eucalyptus essential oils, pink sea salt (Yemaya flower blend)

Directions: This oil can be applied from head to toe. When applying this oil state your intentions. Especially focus on your womb space (abdominal area), rub in a circular motion clockwise.

Yemaya’s Love Potion #7 (Body Oil)



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