Unlike the soap you're probably used to, whipped soap is more like a foaming body butter than an actual soap. And because it's loaded with good-for-you oils like olive oil and palm, it forms a semi-solid soap that can be used as a shaving cream, face wash, body soap or even as a deep conditioner for your hair. A Cleanser & Moisturizer in one!!!


Great for all skin types.


Available in:

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt - whipped soap base, shea butter, pink sea salt, olive oil, rose clay powder, eucalyptus, & tea tree oil


Turmeric & Honey -  whipped soap base, shea butter, organic turmeric, local honey, olive oil, & orange cream oil


Lavender & Chamomile - whipped soap base, shea butter, olive oil, hibiscus powder, lavender & chamomile essential oil

Whipped Foaming Soap Butter

  • Use as you would do with any soap bar. Can be applied all over