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1 pair of Flab wraps 

Flab wraps for arms are specially designed for exercise, it can make you sweat 3 times than usual, and help you shape your arm, make your flabby arms thinner,achieve the effect of shaping!

The arm trimmers are sweat- absorbent, breathable,It can be used in yoga, gymnasium, sports, fitness, ball sports, etc.

What makes the Flab wraps different from other products? 

The Flab Wraps are made with an inner anti-slip grid that repel moisture and eliminate slipping or rolling during your workout. Not only will it quickly increase the arm temperature, but also absorb body sweat, so you are always dry outside.

The Flab Wraps also prevent your arms from being hurt.The heat stimulate your blood circulation, help you prepare well before your exercises and help you prevent post-workout fatigue and injuries, release toxins as well.

Flab Wraps for Arms

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