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1 set of 3 levels and a carry bag

What can these bands bring to you? 

- A healthier & regular lifestyle 

- Perfect peach butt 

- Curvy figure 

- Slim Legs 

- Firm Abs 

Why choose us? 

✔Designed for your convenience, these exercise bands are rubbered inside, providing you an anti-slip exercising experience. 

✔Made of high-quality fabric, these bands are elastic and durable. 

✔For your diverse needs, there are 3 colors standing for 3 resistance levels: green for light (15-25lbs), pink for medium (25-35lbs), and purple for heavy (35-45lbs). 

✔With these bands, you can exercise your abs, glutes, legs, etc. Exercise your lower body parts with this one-time solution. 

Resistance Bands for Legs & Butt

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