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STARTING TODAY: Discover Everything You Need For A Healthy Vagina In A Single Serving!

Unbalanced vaginal pH levels can lead to a multitude of annoying and uncomfortable conditions such as yeast infection, acidic vaginal fluid, vaginitis, BV, dryness, unpleasant odors, burning, itching and more.

Treating these conditions and maintaining a normal and healthy pH level is vital for your vagina’s health and your overall well-being.

Scientifically prepared and boasting multiple benefits, you can easily improve and support your vaginal health with a single serving of a high quality and pure vaginal suppository.

Invest In The Top Quality Of USA Made Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories By Balance Lovely!

Made in the USA in a FDA registered facility and GMP certified, our boric acid suppositories were developed by doctors and clinical pharmacists using exclusively USP grade ingredients of the highest purity and are 3rd party tested to ensure their premium quality.

Our vaginal pH balance suppositories are all natural, vegan Gluten FREE and NON-GMO and have NO harmful components such as preservatives, fillers or dyes, making them highly effective and perfectly safe for you to use.

These boric acid suppositories quickly, effectively and naturally restores pH levels with a single capsule of 600mg of pure boric acid powder to improve and support vaginal health, provide pain relief, soothe dryness and reduce:

Vaginal irritation and unbalanced discharge
Itchiness, burning and discomfort
Unpleasant, annoying and embarrassing odors


Premium Ingredients, Restorative ResultsSAFE & NATURALEvery bottle of Balance Lovely suppositories are packed with 100% pure boric acid.- No preservatives- No chemicals- No hormones- No artificial ingredients- * Vegan * Gluten-Free

Order Today & Gain The Perfect Ally For Safe & Natural Vaginal Health Support.

Boric acid vaginal suppositories

$30.00 Regular Price
$27.00Sale Price
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