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8oz spray bottle

All natural Rosemary & Sage is steamed for hours to receive all the great benefits of these two herbs. Your scalp and roots can sometimes become neglected and/or dryer than the ends of your hair. Treat your hair to a refresher between washes. Gain that same “wash day” feel with this rinse. The best hair rinse enriched with flaxseeds that promotes healthy hair growth and helps with dry, itchy scalp. Infused with fresh rosemary and sage also natural organic oils such as rosemary & tea tree essential oil. This product is preserved. Shelf life 3-5 months. Use as a daily moisturizer spritz and/or a spray rinse between washes. Has a herbal rosemary scent! Please keep in mind that you have to start a good healthy hair regimen to see results, followed by our rosemary growth/scalp stimulator oil.

Loc’d & Loaded Rosemary Hair Rinse