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1 Lions Paw Scallop Seashell (Orange) Lacquered 4 3/4" - 5 1/8"

Shells are treasures from the sea and a gift from Mother Earth. Lion’s Paw shell is a beautiful receptacle for incense or smudging sage. 

They can be used as a fire-safe bowl for smudging, and burning incense or resins, as well as a unique way to display tumbled stones or other small objects on your altar.  Use on your altar as an offering bowl or to hold your crystals and other magical items.

If using to burn herbs and resins on charcoal make sure you pop an inch of sand in the bottom of your shell as the direct heat may shatter the shell or burn anything it comes in contact with.

This is a natural item that has been made by nature so sizes, coloring, markings, and shapes will vary, slight imperfections are normal.

Lions Paw Scallop Seashell for Smudging

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