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1 pair of detox foot pads


  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Made with all natural resources. Main ingredients include Ginger Powder, Bamboo Vinegar, Tree Vinegar.
  • FOOT PADS FOR BETTER SLEEP- When the Foot Pads were included as a part of our body cleanse protocols, many people reported better sleep. Having a good sleep is very important so your body can better heal and recover.
  • GINGER FOR PAIN RELIEF: Ancient Chinese Medicine recorded that ginger reduces swelling and soothes pain.
  • NO Foul ODOR - Cleansery ginger foot pads has a very fresh scent. You will not smell bad odor when you peel them off the next day.
  • EASY TO USE - Before sleep you simply wash your feet, dry and stick pads under your feet. Sleep with the pads on for at least 8 hours would help you to get maximum benefit.

Ginger & Bamboo Vinegar Foot Detox Pads

  • Ginger Powder, Bamboo vinegar extract

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