This item is for one application and to be worn for 5 days. Benefits: 	Take away 3-5 inches in 5 days	Improves circulation	Helps flatten area	Helps tighten skin	Water Resistant	Provides fast healing***CLEAN SKIN BEFORE APPLYING******PLUS SIZE PURCHASE TWO*** ***THIS IS ALSO A SERVICE AND IS $35 WHEN APPLIED BY LOTUS***

Flower Bomb Body Tape

    • Do not overeat while wearing tape
    • Apply adhesive to end of tape once wrapped for a more secure hold (nail glue or super glue works great)
    • Shave/wax area that tape is being applied to beforehand
    • DRINK WATER!!!
    • When removing...take your time!!! Apply a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil on taped area...rub in thoroughly. Peel slowly and once removed gently wash skin with a gentle soap.
    • Blow dry after shower
    • Do not soak in water while wearing tape (take a shower versus a bath).
    • If you have back rolls and/or a plus size stomach 2 or more tapes are required
  • Can I shower with it on? Yes, it is water resistant. I suggest to take a hand blow dryer over it to dry and/or air dry.

    What if the tape end comes undone? You can use super glue or nail glue to seal the end.

    How long do I keep it on? I suggest 5 days, but some have reported wearing it longer and shorter.

    Can I have this applied after a non surgical lipo service? Yes indeed! I suggest some form of compression after a non surgical lipo service.

    How long should I wait after have 360 lipo to have this applied? Personally I suggest after 4 weeks due to the skin is so sensitive after plastic surgery.

    Will I itch when wearing tape? It depends on your skin…some do some don’t.

    How do I prevent tape from rolling? If your tape is rolling you need more than one application of tape or your tape was stretched too much.