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When you want to sit down and relax

Our comfortable butt lift pillow prevents your buttocks from sitting on flat and hard surfaces and potentially damaging your brand new implanted fat cells.

Portable Handle & Drawstring Carry Bag

With your purchase, you will also receive an drawstring bag that you can put your BBL cushion and take it with you everywhere you go. Plus, our drawstring bag also acts as a cute cover for your booty pillow!

And It's easy to carry around because it has a handle.

BBL Surgery is a sensitive procedure that makes the sensitive to pressure, and not being able to sit gets old.

If you want to be able to sit comfortably during your recovery without risking the fat cells on your buttocks then you need a DEBLANCO BBL Pillow

The reason this is necessary is that the pressure caused when sitting directly on your buttocks can restrict blood flow to the newly grafted fat cells, get rid of them and ruining your new shape

DEBLANCO BBL Recovery Pillow is specifically designed in three layers to provide comfort and safe support for the thigh and buttock area


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