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15 tea bags

You can add a honey shot jar for $3

Arnica is traditionally used for reducing pain and swelling caused by various injuries or medical conditions, such as sprains, fractures, overexertion or arthritis. It may also help treat acne, promote hair growth, heal bruises or wounds and reinforce the body against bacterial infections.

Arnica-based herbal infusion.

Aids in eliminating Bruises.

Provides relief from inflammatory conditions.

It has soothing properties that help you calm down and rejuvenate.

Can treat scars, chapped lips, insect bites and a plethora of other inconveniences.

Client review: “I swear by this tea!!!! I had lipo and it has helped tremendously for the swelling and bruising. Both are gone after drinking this tea after 2 days. I drink it twice a day! I put one teaspoon of honey for taste”

Organic Arnica Tea Bags

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