This deal is too good to miss out on!!! 2 for $30 waistbeads...normally $20-$30 each. These are authentic African waistbeads...all beads used to make these beautiful pieces came straight from the motherland.  These are tie on and will range from 45-50 inches long and can be adjusted to fit your waist. You will receive 2 random waistbeads. HOW TO TIE ON WAISTBEADS: Position the beads around your waist, where you would like them to lay	Cross the ends at your desired fit while allowing the extra beads to drop to the ends. Tie 2-3 spots at that spot	Cut the ends to release the extra beads into a bowl, then cut the strings off close to the knot ***WAIST BEADS ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL, BUT YET VERY DELICATE*** ***I DO NOT REPAIR, RESTRING, OR RESIZE WAIST BEADS*** (NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES)


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