Perfect for balancing chakras, Reiki practitioners, lightworkers, healers, and those looking to be healed.

* UNIQUE DESIGN:This Mala Bead Bracelet comes with natural energy grounding healing stones balance your chakra, boost your creactivity, enhanced observation, calmed heart Bring you good health

Features:Personalized Mala bracelet Adjustable range: 6.3 - 8.7 inches. Wonderful item for men or women, minimum 6.3 inches special for women`s slender wrists. Always tightly on your wrist, not slide down. 100% nature material and made of high quality natural gemstones, which is the perfect combination of tiger eye stone, black gallstone and black agate. Hand-made with rope for durability. All natural gemstones are unique. 

Tiger’s Eye Mala Bracelet



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