16 individually wrapped wipes


By plane, train, boat, car, walking, running, I TRAVEL A LOT...therefore I like to tidy up. What do I use?!? Yesssss Goodwipes!!!These products enable you to do more, feel good and live clean. The accessibility, size and ingredients combine to keep you feeling fresh and clean now matter where you are or what adventure your living. Goodwipes are made with natural ingredients leaving your skin feeling soft, refreshed and clean. Never sticky or greasy like a lot of other wipes do. They're also all 100% biodegradable and truly flushable. CONFIDENT AF... WHEREVER YOU ARE These moisture-filled, gently cleansing wipes will keep you feeling fresh AF - which means you'll be truly clean, comfortable and confident, wherever you are. Goodwipes individually-wrapped wipes go wherever you go, at the office or on the road! You've never been so good to go.



Plant-based, pH balanced, hypoallergenic and paraben-free, with no toxins, dyes or harsh chemicals. Safe for your most sensitive skin! Moisturizing Vitamin E, Soothing Aloe and Calming Chamomile, with a light and fresh Shea-Coco Scent. PS - worried about fragrance? Don't be! All fragrance used are. hydrosols, which are naturally-derived simply by soaking materials (roses, for example) in water! Au Naturel! Just how we like it - no roses, no grossness, no problems, always balanced and ONLY THE GOOD STUFF!

Good For Down There Wipes (Shea Coco)

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