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Great for POSTOP patients.

The Perfect Choice: Looking for a way of minimizing discomfort and speeding up your post-surgery recovery? The AHM Innovations Brazilian toilet seat riser will get the best out of your intervention, without compromising on your health!

Premium Quality Materials: This after surgery pillow is made with superior quality, highly durable hard EPP foam, which is easy to clean and guaranteed to last without deforming or losing its shape.

Comfort is Key: Toilet use can irreparably damage your BBL or transplant results. This hard seat pillow prevents transfers pressure on your thighs and protects the buttocks, preventing you from squatting, straining, and the additional pain!

Portable and Travel-Friendly: Unlike similar products on the market, this BBL pillow after surgery for butt includes a convenient storage bag and is incredibly lightweight, making it your ideal travel companion!

Brazilian Butt Lift Toilet Seat Riser

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