Mantras and mala beads are a powerful combination that enhances your meditation beyond belief simply by channeling more of the powerful energies you need. So, let's start you on your journey to stress-free living. Here are the best mala beads for stress relief and mantras that follow en suite.

Now, it’s time to find the right mantra. There are many stress relief mantras to choose from, so it’s important to find one that aligns with your energy and intention. If a stress relief mantra doesn’t feel right or natural for you, don’t use it. The key is to find a mantra that makes you feel like it was designed for you. If none of these give you those good vibes, come up with your own. You don’t have to use Sanskrit mantras or popular modern mantras; it can be whatever you want.
Here are some of our favourite mantras for stress relief.
modern mantras for stress
1 Worrying today is borrowing from tomorrow.
2 Just keep swimming.
3 I am stronger than my circumstances.
4 This too shall pass.
5 Fear is nothing more than a feeling of uncertainty.
6 I change my thoughts, I change the world.
7 Don’t go in your mind where your body is not.

• 【Material】8mm Round Black Matte Agate & Striped agate and 6MM Round Black Matte Agate & Hematite.
• 【Size】6MM: 7.5"(19cm), 8MM:7.9"(20cm) in circumference, comfortable wearing, Elastic (Stretchy) Band made to fit MOST people, Perfect for couples, best friends, and family.

Agate Mantra beads



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